Board of Directors

Stan and Alma Vermeer

Stan graduated from Calvin College in 1964 with majors in mathematics and literature. After college, he spent one year teaching at Mkar Teachers College in Nigeria. He then lived and studied for a year in Israel before attending Calvin Theological Seminary, graduating with a B.D. degree in 1969. While in seminary, he married Margaret De Boer. In 1969 they moved to Nigeria and both taught at Bristow Secondary School in Gboko. Their daughter Christy was born in 1970. In 1974 it was discovered that Margaret had breast cancer and the family needed to return to the States for medical attention.  


Jonathan was born in 1974, and Stan began working at Vermeer Manufacturing in 1975 in the agricultural experimental area. Margaret died in 1978 and Stan married Alma Verdon in 1980. David was born in 1982, the same year that Stan was named as President of Vermeer Manufacturing. Stan left Vermeer at the end of 1986.


For many years Stan has pursued the study of understanding of the nature of the human personality, and how that affects personal relationships. He has developed several studies on developing great relationships, and currently is focusing on marriage relationships.  


Since 2009, Stan and Alma have been involved in developing and operating The Relationship Enrichment Center at Strawtown Inn. Stan has been focusing on giving the seminar “Habits for a Fantastic Marriage,” while Alma is responsible for managing the facilities.  


Bryan and Kim Gaylor

Doyle & Susie Beltman

Doyle and Susie Beltman have been committed to loving each other unconditionally for 30 years and continue to see how we are growing in our faith and love to God and each other.  We are an ordinary couple with an amazingly gracious God!  Spending time with our three children is always a highlight.  Doyle is a program manager and Susie is a full time caregiver for her mother.  We enjoy traveling and always ready for an adventure.  Our desire is to see couples develop their relationship for a life time and into eternity.