What people say about DGR 

"These seminars provide simple but profoundly life transforming tools to build a better marriage! 

I want to tell all the couples I know to come."

~ Amber R.

"Helps bring awareness and education to our individual personalities and how we should embrace our differences in order to be two servants in love!"

~ Bryan G.

"Really enjoyed it. Educational,

relaxing, laughter,

service and food

were all exceptional."

~ John S.


Developing Great Relationships is a biblically based ministry that develops servant based relationships. We believe God has intended relationships to thrive. If you are struggling with yours, we are here to help!  


A look at who we are...

Developing Great Relationships is a passion Stan Vermeer has been pursuing for many years. After attending many seminars, study, prayer, and much thoughtful reflection, Stan and his team of researchers have developed programs that can help individuals improve their interpersonal relationship skills.


Statistics report that 70-80% of success in the workplace does not depend upon technical knowledge, but upon the ability to get along well with others. While a person may spend years acquiring a degree in a specific discipline, or developing a specific trade, often little time is spent developing the relational skills that are crucial to success in any employment or family setting.​


We all have questions about relationships...

How can Developing Great Relationships help?

Do you understand what makes a great relationship?

Have you wondered how you could get along better with your boss or coworkers?

Why do you find it difficult to like some people?

Have you ever considered how the great love that existed on your wedding day has gradually deteriorated and you find it challenging to live with the other person?

Developing Great Relationships can help you understand God’s design for great relationships, and then help you develop practical skills to improve your relationships. With some insight and work, your relationships can improve.

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